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Hot Tub Hire Making a Splash in South Yorkshire


Hot Tub Hire Making a Splash in South Yorkshire

Special occasions have been given a fun new twist - thanks to Eazy Hot Tub Hire in South Yorkshire. Providing hot tubs and gazebos on a hire basis, Eazy Hire Limited has cornered a niche in an emerging market. Offering an economical, as well as hugely popular, alternative to traditional entertainment, Eazy Hot Tub Hire is allowing Yorkshire event hosts to kick back and relax with guests in an environment everyone feels comfortable in.

Catering for birthday parties, stag and hen dos, Hawaiian hot tub nights and a host of other special occasions, Eazy Hot Tub Hire takes the hassle out of organising event entertainment, offering an engaging, completely unique experience that people love. It eliminates the need to hire a venue for a special event - keeping all the fun in the host’s own back yard.

Perfect for event organisers who want to create a good impression and keep their guests happy, hot tub hire is the perfect all-year-round solution to the often difficult task of deciding how to keep guests entertained and where.

Joe Sales, of Eazy Hire Limited, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the response to our hot tub hire service. People say they enjoy the unique experience and that it creates fun memories they will never forget.

“Many of our customers have told us it has saved them the hassle of hiring a venue and separate entertainment, while providing all the excitement their guests expected.”

Eazy Hire Limited has created a real buzz by offering themes. For an extra £50 to the cost of a four-day hire package, customers get a gazebo and party rocker speaker, complete with microphone and disco ball. For even more fun, it can supply additional extras including beer pong tables, a smoke machine, inflatables and themed decorations.

Based between Rotherham and Barnsley, Eazy Hire Limited delivers hot tubs to locations across south Yorkshire and occasionally beyond. Prices start from just £125.

For further information about Eazy Hot Tub Hire, visit, email or call Eazy Hire Limited on 07393493859.

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