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Eazy Hire & RotoSpa UK

Our mission at Eazy Hire was to enable you wonderful people to people to hire a hot tub at a fair price, easily! After receiving feedback we realised that you loved spending time relaxing with family and friends so much that you wanted to keep our tubs! So here is what we have done;

We wanted to keep our business principles by making it easy for everyone in the UK have access to a hot tub, at fair price, therefore we have teamed up with the UK's No1 hot tub manufacturer RotoSpa UK, who can bring you custom designed, UK built, top quality Hot Tubs manufactured in the midlands for asa little as £16.22 per week

All of the Hot Tubs that we sell are completely portable, that means you wont have to build a frame or walls for it to sit in, you can move it around whenever you feel like a change, and even take it with you if you want to move house! 

The most common problem with regular Hot Tubs is that the frames are made from metal which rusts and becomes weak over time, or timber which rots with weather and is easily damaged, however our Hot Tubs are made using the same design process that car manufacturers now use, with one single mould for the tub, the base & the surrounds, this Rotary Integrated Moulding process totally eliminates the need for timber or metal framing and gives the tub extra strength and life length.


Customer Support From Experts On Anything You Need To Know!



  • Spa Bag & Thermal Cover 

  • Spa Chemical Kit

  • Starter Filter

  • Ozone Water Purifier

  • Aftercare Support

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Not only are our Hot Tubs the best priced on the market, we will also give you lots of added extras included in the price! When we deliver to your door and install your hot tub, we will show you how to use the tub, and how easy it is to maintain and how to keep safe!. We will include a  water tester in the package to ensure that PH balance is correct and that a safe amount of chlorine is in the hot tub to keep it clean and perfect for you to use.

If you are going away or going to be unable to use the Hot Tub for a long period of time you can empty it and wrap it up in its free protective spa bag, you can also use this if you need to move the tub and it will be protected from scuffs and scratches.

We will also include an ozone water purifier as an upgrade to any hot tub which is valued at £250 RRP, the water purifier unit can reduce your usage of chlorine by 60-90%, it

helps destroy bacteria, algae & yeast as well as oxidising other contaminants, reducing odours, helps prolong equipment life, all while purifying your water naturally.



4-5 Person Hot Tub