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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you fill up the the hot tub?

To fill up the hot tub up, we will need to use one of your taps. Preferably, an outdoor tap that we can attach our hose to but, if not, don't worry as we can also use a tap from inside your house.

How long does it take to heat up?

It will take between 12 and 24 hours to get to the maximum temperature (based on the outdoor temperature being at least 10 degrees) however we can fill the hot tub up with warm water in most cases.

Does it use much electric?

Depending on how long you have the pumps running it will cost between £1-1.50 per day.

How much will the hot tub cost to fill up with water?

This depends on your water rates, but usually a maximum of £1

Will you be able to fit it in my garden?

In most cases, Yes! Our hot tubs need space to get down the garden path, however in most cases a normal sized path is ok. This means we can get our tubs almost anywhere. To be sure, before booking, measure the width of your path at the narrowest point (or at the gate if you have one). It needs to be a width of at least 800mm.

How many people will fit in the hot tub?

Our tubs are designed for 5 people, but this may vary depending on age and size.

How long will it take to set up?

It can take up to an hour, this will depend on how fast your taps are, access to your property, and any extras that you have purchased.

Where does all the water go afterwards?

We use pumps and an extension hose meaning that we can empty the tubs into the nearest drain.

Do you provide covers for the hot tubs?

Yes, all of our tubs come with covers to keep the heat in and other things out, this will also give you peace of mind if you have children.

Where does it connect to the power?

The tubs have a RCD breaker inbuilt and we will use an extension lead that conforms with IP54 standard so that we can connect to either an outdoor plug or one back in the house.

Do you still offer the Lay-Z Spa?

Due to the nature of the tubs being easy to damage, we made the decision to stop offering the Lay-Z Spa and provide a more reliable, luxury hot tub experience for our customers with our solid Rotospa option. 

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